AT&A Story

International Women’s Day poem at AT&A 2023

– International Women’s Day has been the inspiration of many poems that men give to women. This year, men in AT&A do not write poetry, they invite women to wear beautiful Vietnamese long dresses (Áo dài) and take photos in the campus outside the office. The nature between Spring and the AT&A sisters is very harmonious and fresh, everyone is happy and beautiful. Each woman wearing “Áo dài” in the Spring Garden is a poem.

(Garden space outside the AT&A office and Sisters)

– Lunch program next in spring travel is also well prepared at the office. The meal “is cooked by the AT&A brothers” via a famous restaurant, Sisters just enjoy and do not forget to thank Brothers will clean after the lunch. The truth is that no bowl was broken after Brothers cleaning.

(Photo taken outside the AT&A)

– Thanks to the General Director of AT&A and Brothers about organizing a good spring day for our company and especially for the AT&A sisters. Happy International Women’s Day 8/3/2023

(Lunch prepared so delicious)