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CB Bank completed upgrading Core Banking System: Modernizing financial services.

CB Bank is one of Myanmar’s oldest and largest commercial banks, continues leading to modernize its banking operations by upgrading to the latest versions for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Temenos Core Banking. CB Bank has been able to rapidly scale its business to deliver new services to market and greater customer satisfaction.

With upgraded core banking system, allow processing of hundreds of thousands of transactions a day and completing its end-of-day processing cycles under 90 minutes. CB Bank has consistently showcased a steadfast commitment to innovation, technological progress, and customer satisfaction. As we still remember, in The Temenos Regional Forum 2023, held on 23 and 24 August in Hanoi, CB Bank was honored with the Temenos Core Transformation Award, recognizing its decade-long dedication to innovation.

Launched at the end of 2022, after more than 1 year of implementation, on January 14, 2024 CB Bank’s new Core Banking system upgrade project was officially completed.

This is an extremely important step for CB Bank in the digital banking trend with the goal of bringing better products and services to customers. Through the upgraded Core Banking system, CB Bank can provide more products, services and utilities, and manage internal operating processes strictly and effectively, meeting increasing requirements from customers.

With the newly upgraded core banking system, business processes will be automated, screen operations will be shortened, helping tellers to quickly process transactions and shorten waiting times. customer expectations; Risk prevention activities and information security for customers have also been enhanced;

The Core Banking system is considered the central nucleus of all information and banking activities. The system processes data of all transactions in business subsystems and updates all transaction information to the database. In addition, Core Banking is also integrated with other systems and payment channels of the bank such as Core card, ATM, SWIFT, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking…

In recent years, the race for digital transformation has been extremely exciting, especially in the banking sector. Most banks are accelerating transformation to both improve service quality, attract customers, and optimize operational processes and promote growth.

Not out of that trend, CB Bank quickly implemented the core banking upgrading project. In just a short time, CB Bank has successfully upgraded the Core Banking system it is using to the most advanced new version today – Temenos R22 with the latest database version 19c.

In the coming time, CB Bank will continue to expand business activities, strengthen cooperation with strategic partners to exploit optimally and effectively on the newly upgraded system platform; Building an ecosystem with e-commerce partners to add value in “one-touch” service and meet all customer needs.

Now is the time for us to review some milestones in this series of core banking system upgrade activities:

* The first jobs will start from November 28, 2022.

* Go live process starts from 9:45 pm January 12 to 2:50 pm January 14, 2024

* The first daily COB with upgraded Core banking system on January 14, 2024,

* The firsh monthy COB with upgraded Core banking system on Feburary 01, 2024.

* By January 21, 2024, all standby databases be configured.

* By January 28, 2024, all UAT databases be deployed.

A series of images of AT&A Team participating in upgrading the Core banking system.

New projects in 2023 with bank customers in Myanmar.

Starting 2023 with a strong belief in foreign markets, AT&A leaders are very proud of the business development from the sales unit that brought in 2 projects from a new customer, SMED Bank in Myanmar.

In addition to AT&A’s traditional ORACLE DBCare service package, there is also a consulting service on OEM cloud deployment, customer’s core-banking and CRM database systems implementation for backup.

Walking together in 2023 with Lao Viet bank in the database management field

Setting the next steady step for overseas markets, AT&A still connects with customers through the sharing difficulty culture. Together with Laos-Viet Bank to exploit foreign markets in Laos, AT&A sometimes is in supporting Lào Việt bank DBCare services even though the costs have not been received enough.

Up to now, the contract to monitor and optimize the ORACLE database system has been renewed yearly in usual.

CB Bank continues to share faith with AT&A in 2022

Among foreign customers, coming to CB bank is a pioneering step for AT&A in Myanmar.

Always keep “giving before receiving” spirit, the trust of customers’ banks has come to AT&A from the core-banking system upgrade project since 2016. AT&A has joined hands with customers in the difficult early days. To help customers get accurate information, it has saved a lot of license’s costs and reduced the risk of business interruption when upgrading the system. ORACLE Dbcare 24×7 services are implemented specifically according to the support method – remote control and online processing. However, service quality always meets the customer requirements even in difficult economic – political conditions.

The project has been re-signed for many years. The 2022-2023 contract is also being implemented with the consensus of both sides. AT&A leaders always appreciate the trust from customers and are grateful for the professional working spirit of the AT&A’s DBA staffs in this project.

Our partners

CB Bank completed upgrading Core Banking System: Modernizing financial services.

AT&A supports VRB with year-end settlement at VRB site.

Operating Oracle for the underlying security system; derivative trading system; Bond trading system for KB Securities Vietnam Joint Stock Company (KBSV) in 2023.

AT&A continues to be assigned the task of operating the customer evaluation data system by Toyota financial.

AT&A continues to be trusted by Petrolimex to bring more value to customers.

New projects in 2023 with bank customers in Myanmar.

Walking together in 2023 with Lao Viet bank in the database management field

CB Bank continues to share faith with AT&A in 2022

AT&A and Dev-Op project with Petrolimex in 2022

Annual competitive bidding at VRB

Reaching the stability target for database services with a securities company in early 2023

Project on incident supports for TFS’s Data Warehouse system every year

Continuing to expand technical support services for ORACLE database systems with Petrolimex 2022

On-demand technical service support contract with Mobifone throughout 2023.

Extension of Oracle Database Administration and Operation Contract with Honda Vietnam in 2022

Petrolimex builds DR system and implements data synchronization in 2022

LaoViet Bank

CB Bank

TOYOTA Finance Service Limited Company