DB monitor

We manage your IT system for you

Scope of service

The service monitors system daily. It is only applicable to primary system database and backup system database.

Implementation time: During office hours (8×5).

Commitment of service

Customers receive an early warning of the problem.

Alerts focus on critical issues to reduce risk and the system downtime / interrupt event.

Notes: Automatic process troubleshooting if customer buys RF 8×5 service more.

When customers use the service?

Systems store critical data and work with high continuity requirements.

Customers lack or do not build inside resources about Oracle DBA.

Value of service

The service helps customers to detect and to handle system risks during operation due to human error.

Avoid “noisy” warings via vary Monitor Tools in the system but don’t focus on critical issues to set high periority to process.

Increase the reputation of the business with customers.