Perfomance tuning for huge table 

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Scope of service

The service optimizes the storage space and data fragment of big or very big tables (Huge data table), increasing the working efficiency and economic value of the system.
Implementation time: During office hours (8×5).

Commitment of service

The execution time of data retrieval statements on that table is improved by at least 10%. Backup time is reduced.

When customers use the service?

The customer system stores big historical data.
The original design for the tables did not account for future data growth.
– Report open slowly.
– A task to close statement at the end of the period (best job) is unusually slow.
– User access the system but have to wait the application.

Value of service

Improved database performance.
Reduced database backup and restore time.
Reduce the time to run reports or best jobs for the business at the application.