AT&A Story

Which food at the Beginning of the New year?

The first party of the 2023 New Year (the Rabbit Year), AT&A General Director invited directors of two technology companies nearly AT&A place to drink Spring tea with AT&A managers. The Tea is a reason for leaders to share about their major product. Their may go to the Myanmar market via AT&A’s collaboration. Why don’t do together? Sharing about the difficulties in some years before when going alone to oversea markets and can taste some sweet fruits now, the CEO of AT&A did not forget to invite young people to have lunch at a small restaurant.

The party was small, and we happily finished the food…

In 2023, in addition to the company traditional services regarding database management, AT&A is open to sending invitations to an open-source ERP outsourcing units and magnetic card distributors from the two neighbor companies go together to foreign markets. And the early Spring lunch of the year of the Rabbit Year 2023, we enjoyed the taste of friendship.