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The story of CB Bank, the breakthrough decision of the AT&A CEO

  • One of Myanmar’s largest and leading banks offering a wide range of financial services. CB Bank constantly drives innovation to serve our customers better. Since June 5, 2004, CB Bank was subsequently converted into a public company as a result of merger exercise with two other banks.
  • CB Bank was duly licensed by Central Bank of Myanmar to operate as a commercial and investment bank under the name of Co-operative Bank by then. It became more active towards offering international banking services when the Myanmar economy was re-opened after 50 years of closure and isolation in 2011.
  • CB bank were also the first bank to launch internet & Mobile Banking and Agent Banking since 2014 and introduced Business Internet Banking since early 2015. To date , CB Bank , being one of the largest local banks, has the largest ATMs and Agent Banking Network, Mobile Banking transaction volume and the largest number of cards issued in excess of 500,000 and growing (MPU, VISA, Mastercard and UnionPay International (UPI) ).

In 2016, from a big decision of At&A’s BOD, especially, the General Director, Mr Lại Tuấn Anh, to develop Database management and monitoring services strongly at overseas market. The huge result of winning was coming when AT&A surpassed an old CB Bank partner from India. Until now, the ORACLE DBCare contract has renewed every year and continued to this day. In 2020, At&A supported CB bank to ask Oracle vendor expanding the license expired date. Hence, CB Bank had got enough time to convert the system. That job from AT&A helped CB Bank saving a lot of costs and limiting risks.