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Announcement: Launching AT&A website

– Announcement: Launching AT&A website

o On March 15, 2023, AT&A’s new website version is going to open after 5 months of preparation and updating content for newest change in company.

o We have summarized the company’s service activities typically and only show the core values of the business after a long journey of building and developing the company.

o At the same time, the Board of Directors has oriented to convert training content often organized on a variety of topics in AT&A business into speaking clip which produces via AT&A members and marketing team.

o Although the achievements of the Media are still modest, the Company’s Marketing staff will find ways to co-work with all company’s members to refine one more beauty in the company culture.

o Welcome members and customers to the AT&A website. We are here to connect and share with you!


Video introduces DX channel that will be posted on AT&A’s Youtube at the Mid Year.