Incident support 

We manage your IT system for you

Scope of service

The service supports for troubleshooting and resolve problem on the database. The scope of troubleshooting includes:

  1. The system is down.
  2. System lost data.
  3. The user cannot connect to the system.
  4. A task is interrupted.
  5. The system is suddenly abnormally slow, or crashes; Apply quick handling methods such as kill session or reboot database to bring the database back to normal working state.
  6. And the jobs with to-do list (with an appendix attached to the agreement with the customer).

Implementation time: 24 x 7.

Commitment of service

If the service works remotely then it will start to process after receiving the request in under 30 minutes.

If the service proces at the customer side then it will start to proces after receiving the request in under 2 hours.

When customers use the service?

Systems store critical data and work with high continuity requirements.

Customers habitually use outsourced services. (FDI companies, joint venture organization, stock markets). They lack or do not build inside resources about Oracle DBA.

Value of service

Give customers peace of mind with getting their systems back up and running as quickly as possible with highly specialized resources on hand to deal with critical issues at any time. Increase the reputation of the business with customers.