AT&A History

A “smooth driver” at AT&A’s DBAs

Mr. Nguyen Thang was likened to a “smooth driver” at AT&A’s DBAs. He has swam and exceeded thousands of customer requests in the nicest way, bringing the sustainable value of AT&A’s Oracle Database Operation service to customers.

He is in company journey trip

During the 6 years of working at AT&A, Mr. Nguyen Thang has always been “Good with the Boards, Won the hearts of the people”. For now, he still keeps the fire at the AT&A’s collaborator position. Committed to AT&A’s culture of service, he has and continues to contribute to service enhancement. Look likes before, he and his AT&A’s teammates have journey to improve the quality of the team always, devoted themselves to the customers and the project, and have left an indelible sign in AT&A’s customers, as well as at AT&A itself. Mr. Nguyen Thang also participates in consulting and presenting to customers about solutions to ensure the safety, security and stability of the database system. For all the brothers in the team, Mr. Thang has taught and  did training and coaching for team members to perform professional tasks.

“Seeing Thang AT&A is peace of mind”. And that’s how AT&A accompanies the growth of its members and customers.

Wishing you, Thắng Brother, continued success in your career development journey