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Who is the author of Health check 2.0

Creating a new Health Check product is the idea, He is cherishing and considering as a strategic move to meet new customers, so it needs to be done really and effectively.

His desire that there is a report that can tell the best of Database heath in general, thereby demonstrating the strength of the collective solidarity and this report is not only for the Vietnamese database management market. .”

Those are His shares about aiming on the work of improving AT&A’s Health Check report to the new version: 2.0.

In the first months of 2015, He kicked off the campaign for DBA team members with seminars on database evaluation, then we were instructed by Him how to read and get information to assess the operation status. of a database from the file awr. Through the lessons, everyone also gained certain knowledge, but certainly not much members can understood the nature of the problem like He did.

Through a long period of research and creative exploration, in April 2016 under His leading, the framework of the Health Check 2.0 report delivered the to the team members. He can perform information in alone gathering to cover the content for the report without waiting for anyone, but He chooses to let the participants actively choose an item for themselves. His aim is to make all members of the team more mature with the knowledge that their undertakes. That will show the strength of solidarity. Health Check report will be the strongest result from a strong team.

The period from April 2016 to the end of May 2016: that is the time when he reviews each member participating in collecting information for each item of the new report.

After intense debates and criticisms, he and the entire DBA team almost reached the crux of the issues, recognized the points of view, and began to develop a draft of the report.

Regardless of everyone’s expectations, July 2016: Completed draft Health Check 2.0 report. Although this is just a “demo” version, it is almost detailed and complete with all the most important information of a Health Check report that customers need. Not only improving the quality, but HC 2.0 also improved the progress in making raw reports and performing evaluation for a database.

With confidence in the quality of the report after completing the demo, he and the whole team decided to introduce it to all customers. So the journey to customers began in August 2016 with the first important customers.

By January 2017: The raw reporting stage was fully automated and the evaluation phase did not need to be done manually by human effort. This is a great advancement when building automated Health Check reports.

The above information had been saving at HR side during the Health Check 2.0 report progress made via the Author. Thanks to Him and all members of the DBA team for their hard working and the creativity designing activities because of a AT&A automated, high-quality and accurate services.

And the author of the report: Service Owner Nguyen Trung Hieu!