AT&A History

An Dedicated and enthusiastic Chief Accountant

Mr. Duoc has left a special sign in the years 2020-2023 for his achievements in contributing to the more and more thorough, completion and logic of company’s financial and accounting work. People remember him when using the Internal Accounting Manual. Mr. Duoc also forget time, to train and share knowledge always for members of the Finance and Accounting Department, as well as continuously improving himself.

In 2022, Mr. Duoc spent time attending a course on “CFO” and took over this position of the company and participated in finding suitable investors for potential projects of the Company; contributed to the completion of investment reports. Having a multi-dimensional view of the CEO position, Mr. Duoc has made close forecasts on the domestic and international financial situation, advising the Board of Directors to make the right investment decisions.

(Dao Minh Duoc at 01 National Run)

Thought people would remember him as an accountant-financial officer with dry numbers, but AT&A peopke mentioned him as a person of integrity, who loves jogging & cycling. The sport spirit has marked his professional activities in a special way, always connecting everyone with a teamwork spirit and giving his best support to the other remaining departments and contributing valuable values with can not replace for AT&A’s great ocean expansion.