AT&A continues to be trusted by Petrolimex to bring more value to customers.

AT&A is very pleased and honored to continue to accompany Petrolimex in this PLXID2 project. We guarantee that this project will bring many benefits to both Petrolimex and Petrolimex’s customers. Here are some highlighted benefits.

1. Benefits for customers participating in the “Cashless Payment Program” Petrolimex ID:

  • Accumulated points when buying petrol. Moreover, The points will be converted into gifts of petroleum products being provided by Petrolimex at all affiliated petrol stations nationwide.


  • Have a chance to become a lucky loyal customer to win prizes in the program “Smart payment – Companion benefits” with
    • 1 Special prize of a Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid car
    • 2 First prizes 1 Honda SH mode motorbike each. Honda SH
    • 10 Second prizes, 1 Honda Vision motorbike each
    • 100 Third prizes 1 Honda Wave Alpha motorcycle and
    • 1000 Consolation prizes 1 PLC Racer Plus car oil can (this program was dialed on April 14, 2022).


  • Experiencing more diversified and easier ways of payment, safe shopping and spending experience. Customers can choose one of those payment via forms:
    • (1) International credit cards (Visa, MasterCard)
    • (2) Domestic bank cards of Napas system and Petrolimex – HDBank co-branded cards
    • (3) Electronic wallets payment via QR code in VNPay alliance


  • For customers using “4-in-1 co-branded card”, besides the convenience of easier and faster petrol shopping, they also receive many incentives: receive a 0.7% bonus when paying for petrol at Petrolimex ( instead of 0.5%).


  • Customers can easily track their consumption history with Petrolimex ID.


  • Helping business customers save more on fuel costs, manage fuel consumption more easily and transparently. Example with the National Sales program:
    • The system allows business customers to register for vouchers according to the list of vehicles registered on the Petrolimex ID system.
    • Can manage in detail the quantity of goods, the value of daily petroleum expenditure without having to compare manually.
    • The company easily controls, anytime, anywhere through reports, detailed information of purchases
  • With Petrolimex ID app, customers are also provided with many other useful utilities such as:
    • Easy to find the nearest gas station
    • Get the most up-to-date information on petrol/oil prices;
    • Contacting the Customer Care Center to easily report complain
  • Joining other promotions of PLX.
  • Avoiding the risk of infection in the context of complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic (when using cash)


2. Benefits for Petrolimex.

  • Accelerating the digital transformation process, shaping the image of a leading digital business (successfully implemented a cashless payment project on nearly 2,700 petrol stations; 350,000 Petrolimex ID created). In line with the orientation of building Petrolimex to become a leading digital enterprise on the intelligent, safe and dynamic Petrolimex Digital platform.
  • Initially, the group has created a digital data warehouse about customers and customers’ consumption behavior to serve future business development and exploitation plans.
  • A channel for Petrolimex to take better care of customers.
  • Retain and develop new customers (attracting individual customers, corporate customers and petrol dealers).
  • Enrich the Group’s service ecosystem.

Creating a premise for the Group to deploy/integrate new programs in the future: automatic payments, expand the scope of cooperation with banks, airlines, etc.