AT&A continues to be assigned the task of operating the customer evaluation data system by Toyota financial.

Toyota Finance is a financial company established to provide financial support to customers who intend to buy Toyota vehicles. Assessing the creditworthiness of customers will help Toyota Finance reduce risks and quickly make lending decisions. After building the system in 2019, the time to review a loan application has been reduced from 4 hours to 5 minutes. To build this system, Toyota Finance has taken a lot of information from existing internal systems as well as external systems (For example: credit information of the State bank, CIC, etc.). In order for this system to work effectively and the data is always correct, Toyota Finance has assigned AT&A the responsibility of synchronizing, updating and correcting all data. In April 2023, Toyota Finance continued to trust and extended the contract for another 12 months with AT&A. With this assignment, Toyota Finance focuses its maximum resources on serving its customers better without having to worry about investing and managing a team of technicians. I am very grateful that Toyota Finance entrusted us with this work.