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BEFORE and AFTER performing database optimization service for customers of Lao Viet Bank

Initial status

– During the survey, high fragmented tables are detected, ½ of the table’s space is wasted

– The operation of running the statement to get the report in the historical data table takes 30 minutes daily

Result after optimization:

– Command speed increased:

o From 30 minutes a day down to 18 seconds

o From 36s down to 86s

– Fragmented table after performing optimization: Table size from 93GB to 50GB. 43GB recovered

This news could only be placed in the AT&A Story section. But the writer would like to move to the the Specialized news section because the customer’s thank-you note was so brief in the middle of the night, when we had just finished the job: That is the silent value of our good professional work. No KPI can evaluate!

Thank you for team’s support

Good night