We support a wide range of common and unwanted database problems, either onsite or remote.
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Scope of service

Optimize the storage space of the table and its related indexes. Change the indexing of the table.
Divide Partition by table data.
Implementation time: During office hours

Commitment of service

The execution time of data retrieval statements on that table is improved by at least 10%. Backup time is reduced.

When customers use the service?

Big historical data.
The original design for the tables did not account for future data growth.
Inappropriate index creation.

Value of service

Improved database performance, reduced database backup and restore time.

Customer reviews

Honda believes AT&A as a good partner when our database systems have been maintained through AT&A. We really appreciate the AT&A’s service spirit as well as the maximal support of database management and PAM system operation. AT&A has been our best friend on our road map so far and future.

Mr.Nguyen Phuc An

Honda’s CIO

Currently AT&A has been the most our creditable partner so far and go on in future.

Mr.Bui Ngoc Tung

IT Manager of Vietnam Russia Bank

M-Pay absolutely has been satisfying with the AT&A services providing. We have got a highest confidentiality and security to M-Pay database system with that such services. Hence we easily can focus to develop M-Pay’s products and services in its eco-system of business models. M-Pay would like to send a big thank for the utmost support to all AT & A’s members regardless of the time. Therefore, we hope to continue having cooperation to AT&A in the near future.

Mr.Nguyen Chien Thang

M-Pay’s CIO


CB Bank completed upgrading Core Banking System: Modernizing financial services.

AT&A supports VRB with year-end settlement at VRB site.

Operating Oracle for the underlying security system; derivative trading system; Bond trading system for KB Securities Vietnam Joint Stock Company (KBSV) in 2023.

AT&A continues to be assigned the task of operating the customer evaluation data system by Toyota financial.

AT&A continues to be trusted by Petrolimex to bring more value to customers.

New projects in 2023 with bank customers in Myanmar.