Typical Projects

LaoViet Bank

LaoViet bank is an equitized bank with capital contribution of a big Vietnamese Commercial Bank and two domestic enterprises in Laos. This business association has the mission of connecting the two economies of Laos – Vietnam, bringing Lao Viet Bank to the forefront in providing banking and financial solutions to entities having trade and investment relations. Vietnam – Laos, Laos – Vietnam.

– Since 2020, AT&A have been selected by Lao Viet bank as a database operation service provider.

– Over the past 3 years, AT&A have contributed to minimizing the risk of system downtime with early warning. Closing time of the day is reduced to less than 3 hours. AT&A experts is ready always to assist all major events such as the end of the financial year, the end of the quarter within 24×7 trouble-shooting service to give the bank peace of mind.

CB Bank

CB Bank is the second largest bank in Myanmar with more than 100 branches.

– In 2016, AT&A was selected to upgrade Core banking system from JBASE database to Oracle.

– In 2018, AT&A deployed a backup system. With the Oracle DBcare 24×7 service, we have contributed to ensuring thnk’s Corebanking system operates continuously with 999 standards, the closing time of day closing (COB) is always less than or equal to 2.5 hours.

TOYOTA Finance Service Limited Company

TOYOTA Finance Service Limited Company – TFS is a financial company with 15 years of operation in the Vietnamese market to provide financial services.

– Since 2018, AT&A has had the opportunity to accompany TFS via building an information system for loan approval in less than 5 minutes. After the successful go-lived system, AT&A continues to accompany TFS in operating the system to ensure stable and continuous operation of the system.

– In 2022 AT&A together with some other partners will upgrade the core system for TFS.


Mobifone is in the Top 3 largest Telecom group (Telcos) in Vietnam. AT&A has been offering the service since 2015. With large amounts of data and system uptime, it presents challenges and opportunities to grow the AT&A’s structure and members.

Honda Vietnam

It is difficult to become a partner of Honda Vietnam but even more difficult and proud to have entered the 9th year of cooperation.

– With continuous service systems for production and sales nationwide, which requires strict information security and service quality, it is a great opportunity for us to see what we need to improve.

– With the trust that AT&A has entrusted 100% of the administration and operation of Oracle databases for nearly 10 years, it has always been the motivation and honor for us to improve service quality and optimize costs.

Vietnam – Russia Joint Venture Bank

Vietnam – Russia Joint Venture Bank has given us the opportunity to accompany for nearly 10 consecutive years. Guarantee for operating continuously and stably always for important systems such as Core-banking; Internet banking; and Card system are a challenge but also a precious opportunity for AT&A’s development with customer.

Big events in 10 years of the cooperation:

– Transforming Data Center (DC);

– Building a backup system;

– Ensuring information security according to the circular 09/2020/TT-NHNN of the Vietnamese State Bank;

– The year-end settlement periods are the highlight works that we always keep in mind and appreciate the bank’s trust in us.


Petrolimex is a petroleum retail group with the largest market share in Vietnam. We started to cooperate with Petrolimex from 2012 to present by providing annual operation services for the following systems:

– Enterprise Gas Stations (EGAS);

– Petroleum Enterprise Resource Planing management system (ERP);

– Management reporting system; Personnel management system; Electronic Invoice System.

Using outsourced AT&A’s service, Petrolimex group focus on key areas without the need for IT professional experts inside their organization.

Our partners

AT&A continues to be assigned the task of operating the customer evaluation data system by Toyota financial.

AT&A continues to be trusted by Petrolimex to bring more value to customers.

New projects in 2023 with bank customers in Myanmar.

Walking together in 2023 with Lao Viet bank in the database management field

CB Bank continues to share faith with AT&A in 2022

AT&A and Dev-Op project with Petrolimex in 2022

Annual competitive bidding at VRB

Reaching the stability target for database services with a securities company in early 2023

Project on incident supports for TFS’s Data Warehouse system every year

Continuing to expand technical support services for ORACLE database systems with Petrolimex 2022

On-demand technical service support contract with Mobifone throughout 2023.

Extension of Oracle Database Administration and Operation Contract with Honda Vietnam in 2022

Petrolimex builds DR system and implements data synchronization in 2022

LaoViet Bank

CB Bank

TOYOTA Finance Service Limited Company


Honda Vietnam

Vietnam – Russia Joint Venture Bank