Continuing to expand technical support services for ORACLE database systems with Petrolimex 2022

AT&A started interacting with Petrolimex Corporation very early from consulting on building IT infrastructure projects. Following that,AT&A’s ORACLE DBCare operation service has been awarded the contract of Petrolimex since 2015. AT&A has been going to perform administration and operation services on important Petrolimex systems such as EGAS, ERP and many other subsystems of the group.

In 2022, based on the capacity and working reputation, AT&A continues to re-win the bidding package to operate Petrolimex’s Oracle database systems. Now, the corporation’s business ecosystem has been supplementing with the PLX ID application that allows Petrolimex frequent / loyal customers to accumulate petrol points and many other convenient features. The project duration is expanding to 2023. Therefore AT&T’s database operation project with Petrolimex will continue to have opportunities for many years next.