CB Bank continues to share faith with AT&A in 2022

Among foreign customers, coming to CB bank is a pioneering step for AT&A in Myanmar.

Always keep “giving before receiving” spirit, the trust of customers’ banks has come to AT&A from the core-banking system upgrade project since 2016. AT&A has joined hands with customers in the difficult early days. To help customers get accurate information, it has saved a lot of license’s costs and reduced the risk of business interruption when upgrading the system. ORACLE Dbcare 24×7 services are implemented specifically according to the support method – remote control and online processing. However, service quality always meets the customer requirements even in difficult economic – political conditions.

The project has been re-signed for many years. The 2022-2023 contract is also being implemented with the consensus of both sides. AT&A leaders always appreciate the trust from customers and are grateful for the professional working spirit of the AT&A’s DBA staffs in this project.