AT&A and Dev-Op project with Petrolimex in 2022

Participating in the development of PLX ID software, an application for managing customer databases of petroleum distribution units, AT&A has made steady progress in software development direction. Based on the inherent database system administration capacity, AT&A’s development team is responsible for ensuring that the API connection between the Front-end, application layer and the application’s platform work smoothly and the system is stable, even over execute online transactions.

Along with AT&A are two information technology partners, including FPT member, working with Petrolimex to launch a real-time application product with the function of calculating and rewarding scorings to buyer. The project started development from mid-2021 and go-live on October 15, 2021.

On the official website of Petrolimex, at the go-live time, PLX ID was specifically informed that it is Petrolimex’s loyalty account management application, accepting for payment in various methods and accumulation of matching bonus points.

AT&A is continuing to participate in the development phase of the project from the beginning of 2023.