AT&A History


Let’s go! It is an honor for me to represent the current AT&A Service Operations Division (SOC) staffs to meet and talk with their seniors, who were technical department staffs from 2015 to 2022.

The atmosphere was full of laughter since it has been a long time since the last tiem we met. We shared work stories, life and future plans. Mr. Nguyen Thang and Mr. Duc Dat are former top DBAs of AT&A, Mr. Dai Hiep and Mr. Viet Son are former “paddlers” at System Monitoring service and Mr. Manh Hung is a former senior expert in the DWH-BI segment.

(From left to right: Mr. Nguyen Thang, Mr. Quang Huy, Mrs. Thu Tra, Mrs. Na Na, Mr. Manh Hung, Mr. Viet Son, Mr. Dai Hiep, Mr. Duc Dat)

At that time, AT&A located at Kim Anh building, then moved to Tran Binh street.  Together, they built up the “10 points for quality” Technical department of AT&A. At that time, customers and partners highly appreciated the services AT&A provided. They also helped the Sales Department to earn many new contracts and customers. Mr. Thang and Mr. Dat were one of the DBA personnel along with Mr. Hieu, Mr. Hoc, … involved in handling many tickets at AT&A’s major projects such as: Oracle Database Administration Operation Project for VRB Bank’s systems ,Project of Operation of database management service for Honda Vietnam, Project of operating a database for Vietnam National Petroleum Group (PLX), Project at VDB bank…

Mr. Nguyen Thang & Mr. Duc Dat were also among the staffs involved in the night shift during the season of system transformation of banks, or every year-end occasion. In the Mobifone liquidity center project with so many challenges like enormous amounts of DB, issues constantly occurred,  and always had to meet the client’s requirements 24/7.   However, They had always been the ones who did not mind the difficulties to meet the SLA requirement for customers. Mr. Thang was also a senior expert at the database operation support project for the General Department of Taxation that AT&A signed as a subcontractor with FIS.

(AT&A technicians discussed about work at office in 2016).

Mr. Dai Hiep & Mr. Viet Son were both young technicians at that time, but they had a high speed of learning, doing research and meeting work requirements which not everyone could do . The projects assigned to the young technicians by Mr. Hong Khai – Sysmon Team Manager at that time – to take charge and handle tickets include: Solarwinds Operation Project for VRB  Bank, Operating Solarwinds for Honda Vietnam and most of all, the project of deploying and operating Solarwinds for Bao Viet Group. In this project, AT&A staff had to eat, sleep, and mobilize a lot of resources to handle even on holidays.

When Mr. Dai Hiep turned to a new direction and left AT&A, Mr. Viet Son was the main person to do this work, and at the same time, AT&A had a new project with a customer – SSI Securities Corporation, Mr. Viet Son proved the maturity and bravery of a professional service person.

Particularly for Mr. Manh Hung – the most “being pampered” staff at that time.  DWH-BI officer at that time, He was the key to the success of the DWH – BI implementation project with Toyota Finance Vietnam. Although he only operated in one field alone, Mr. Manh Hung always explores, learns and helps other colleagues to create sustainable AT&A service values ​​together until now.

Talking about the most memorable memory during the years working at AT&A, They all remember the memories of the intellectual sport of poker that everyone played together every lunch break, the laughter and joyful atmosphere, the teambuilding occasions like paintballs shooting, the snacks “war” and the memories of working together to solve problems.

(Teambuilding : Paintball shooting).

We had to say goodbye when the story was not over, but it was time for everyone to work the afternoon shift. Appreciate the values ​​​​of everyone who has contributed to the development of AT&A with a small gift and hope that in the future AT&A will still have the opportunity to cooperate with everyone. Wishing everyone a lot of health and success!