AT&A History

Meeting with Mr. Van Hoc Dao

On a clear and sunny day of July, we had a chance to talk with Mr.Hoc on the beautiful Le Ngoc Han street. He  is currently an important manager for a famous bank in Vietnam.

When AT&A was still at Tran Binh’s office, Our CEO Mr.Tuan Anh persuaded him to join the expert-level staff group. Along with other members, Mr.Hoc is one of the typical faces of our company in the 2017-2018 period. Still a familiar face with a bright smile, we talked with him about AT&A, daily life, future plans, and his career stories.

(M.Hoc – 3rd from the right – while working at AT&A).

Mr.Hoc was a senior DBA at AT&A. He has many sucesses in many projects, such as optimizing the database system for a customer of Vietnam Russia Joint Venture Bank (VRB), operating for more than 20 Databases of Honda Vietnam. In addition, in the operation project for telecommunications customers such as Mobifone, he was also the one who gave a lot of valuable advice to customers. One of the values ​​Mr.Hoc demonstrated is technical proposals for Myanmar customers, such as CBB and MOB. He is also one of the staff involved in many projects deployed for customers in Myanmar.

(From left to right: Mr.Hong Khai, Mr. Van Hoc).

Sharing about his most memorable memory during his years working at AT&A, He shared about his business trips in the country of the Golden Pagoda – Myanmar. Mr. Hoc together with Mr. Luyen, Mr. Khai was one of the pioneers in implementing projects for Myanmar customers. Eventhough at that time Myanmar was not yet a developed country, but Mr. Hoc and the others felt the slow and steady progress of this country and  the native are friendly and nice

We said goodbye to each other so that Mr. Hoc could continue to work in the afternoon shift and made an appointment to meet again on the nearest occasion. We are grateful for his values ​​that have contributed to the development of AT&A and we always believe that he will still be an enthusiastic partner for AT&A in the future.