AT&A History

Meeting with Mr. Duc Khang Tran

AT&A is honored to meet Mr. Duc Khang   Tran again in the program “Appreciation of AT&A former employees”. Mr. Khang is a face that is mentioned and praised a lot at AT&A in the period 2006-2008 and even now

Mr.Khang was one of the core staff in AT&A’s beginning period of starting to develop and expand the customer network. Still with the same bright smile and the enthusiasm as in the early days, We had the opportunity to share with Mr. Khang memories of the time when AT&A was located at Dinh Cong street and at Nguyen Thi Dinh street. It has been more than 10 years since that time. When we heard Mr. Khang share his stories, we felt like we were also in the same period, tried our best  to move forward with AT&A in those years, overcame many challenges to transform.

In the foundation-building phase, AT&A had about 10 employees, Mr.Khang and Mr.Toan were the key personnel, holding many positions of the company, from the work of a DBA to training and consulting projects , sales, and preparing tender documents. Sharing with us, Mr.Khang talked about the projects he had built, the jobs he had supported with customers. From the VDC data support project in 2006, the project with the Ministry of Finance and the long term onsite project to support the General Department of Taxation. Mr. Khang also joined with Mr. Tuan Anh –  our CEO and Ms. Phuong to make the e-tickets with Saigon Railway Transport JSC. The business trips, the nerve-racking time about creating solutions and taking care of the clients. Throughout the story are his maturity, valuable experiences during working time at AT&A.

(From left to right: Mr. The Thanh, Mrs. Na Na, Mr, Duc Khang)

We also especially heard Mr. Khang shared his most memorable memories during the period of taking over the tasks of Presale, Contractor, and Marketing. Those were the bidding application packages that Mr. Khang and his colleagues were in charge of. He built the forms with his own hands, prepared very hard for the financial capacity and responsiveness profile of a young company to meet the requirements of customers. There were sleepless nights, eating and sleeping with the contractor, there were moments of suspense until  won the bid, then everyone could breathe a sigh of relief. Those are the memories of the brochure he made by himself, to introduce to customers the values ​​​​of the products, services and solutions that AT&A then provided.

For more than 1 hour, we had a pleasent coversation. As current generations of AT&A, listening to former colleagues share about historic days, we overflow with indescribable feelings of pride. Certainly, the values ​​that Mr. Khang and his former colleagues built during that period will be invaluable assets that AT&A has.