AT&A History


A nice lunch, delicious coffees and lots of fun on the day of meeting our old friends!

(From left to right: Mr. Nguyen Hoang, Mrs. Tran Giang, Mr. Do Hieu, Mr. Nhat Anh, Mrs. Cao Bang, Mr. Hong Khai)

AT&A was lucky to be accompanied and given so much value by the partners during the 2010s. Mr. Le Nguyen Hoang was a familiar face to Honda Vietnam  because Hoang used to be a very “long-term” onsite officer. In addition, Hoang was also a DBA officer involved in handling tickets at projects with customers such as Mobifone Liquidity Billing Center, other projects at VRB bank, VDB bank…

Starting from the same team as DWH-BI, Mrs. Tran Giang, Mr. Hieu and Mr. Nhat Anh along with Mrs. Phuong Phuong were the first employees of AT&A to develop this service segment. Tran Giang – a young girl full of vitality then also participated in trying out many different roles, from managing technical projects to being a sales officer. In any role, Giang also successfully completed the assigned task. Along with Phuong, Hieu was the person who participated in the first projects of the DWH-BI segment. Later, after leaving AT&A and working at a large bank, Hieu remained a reliable partner with valuable advice for AT&A at the DWH-BI project of Toyota Finance Vietnam customers. With Nhat Anh, not only in the DWH-BI segment, Nhat Anh also participated as an onsite officer at the General Department of Taxation project and received many compliments from customers.

A lot of memories that are recalled on this meeting day, they recounted the youth time being very happy at AT&A, the trips together, the projects that people supported each other, were the days of sticking, staying side by side  with customers,… And every memory about the time working at AT&A  is so meaningful.

Wishing you all the best of health & success, you are always a part of AT&A, thank you so much!