AT&A History

Meet the experts again: Mr.Bui Cong Luyen & Mr.Luong Duc Hop

In this meeting, we will meet again Mr.Bui Cong Luyen, Mr.Luong Duc Hop – our former staff and current staff, having fun conversations and opening up many stories for you. future.

Mr.Bui Cong Luyen – Luyen had been a member of AT&A Sales team since 2018, when the company’s management decided to expand its penetration strategy into the Myanmar market. Luyen was an on-site officer in the Myanmar market and covered this entire market with many achievements. Not afraid of hardships, he accepted to be away from his family to focus well on developing the customer network, partner network and had brought back many valuable contracts for the company at that time.

Joining the comversation today are Mr. The Thanh and Mrs.Hong Nhung who are the current sales team personnel, Mr.Cong Luyen gave us a lot of useful advice and information.

(From left to right Mr.Luyen Bui, Mr.Duc Hop, Mr.The Thanh, Mr.Thanh Tung, Mrs.Thu Tra and Mrs.Hong Nhung)

Mr,Duc Hop together with Mr. Thang, Mr.Duc Dat… and other technical staff are the faces who built AT&A’s Engineering Department “10 points for quality”. When he first joined the AT&A team, Duc Hop was still a junior DBA, but after only a short time, with his intelligence, agility and excellent self-study ability, he surpassed and participated in handling  many tickets at AT&A’s important big projects such as: Oracle Database Administration Operation Project for VRB Bank’s systems, Database Administration Service Operation project for Honda Vietnam, projects such as operation Database for Vietnam National Petroleum Group (PLX), project at the General Department of Taxation bank…

Along with Mr. Nguyen Thang, Mr.Hop is also one of the officers who participated in the night shift in the system transformation season of the banks and telecommunications units that AT&A signed the 24×7 SLA. Duc Hop wass also the execellent employee of AT&A in 2019.

Talking about the most memorable memories during the time working at AT&A, Luyen talked about the time when he represented AT&A to “hustle”  in a foreign country. Hop also told the story about the time he had business trips in Myanmar. Although his English was broken at that time, he was eager to invite customers to dinner, chat and make friends with customers.

Our stories and laughter dispel the heat of a late summer day. We appreciate your values, you are the “bricks” which have built up the development of AT&A over the years.

We wish you good health and continue to be partners of  AT&A in the future!