AT&A History

Let’s meet again Mr. Nguyen Xuan Toan

AT&A is honored to meet Mr. Toan – our  former AT&A employee with an impressive Ha Tinh voice again in the program “Appreciation of AT&A former employees”.

Mr. Toan was a co-worker with Mr, Khang, Mr, Khuyen… He was once one of the excellent project officers when AT&A was starting to develop and expand its customer network. Mr. Toan told us stories about the early days, about AT&A’s customers. And surprisingly, Mr. Toan was one of the members who participated in the project at Hanoi Telecommunications – the same organization where Mr. Nguyen The Quyen worked at that time.

In the foundation stage, AT&A had about 10 employees. Mr.Toan and Mr. Khang used to be the key personnel, holding many job duties in the company. Sharing his memories of working at AT&A, Mr. Toan had chances to learn from his seniors – his  experienced teachers like Mr. Tuan Anh; Mr. Binh; Mr. An; Mr. Kien.. In the early days, the Board of Directors had many orientations to invest in both personnel for the initial development of AT&A, so the class of members at that time had been taught  and trained a lot of  new knowledge and technologies.

(From left to right: Mr. The Quyen, Mrs. Na Na, Mr. Xuan Toan)

The story seemed to last forever and fascinated us, but it was also time to say goodbye to Mr. Toan so that he could continue his work. We hope to meet him again on the nearest occasion, we can go to the AT&A office to talk and meet our current AT&A staff.

Thank you Mr. Toan and wish you the best of health.