AT&A Story

Health Check gift from HR department

Preparing for the long holiday of Independence Day, nearly a week, so from scratch in April, especially the SOC unit, where have a lot of preparation to ensure the customer’s systems still operate safely during the celebration. However, this year, the human resources department is the busiest place. The special thing of this year is that the Company has a Health Checkup Package for all members, not for the computer database system as AT&A usual service. Medical services are performed at the Company’s office and also  at the Vietnam-Russia international general clinic for some clinical examinations.

AT&A members are brave when they do health checks for IT systems with the HC 2.0 service, but it seems sensitive when they are tested by the medical service. However, in the end, people feel extremely excited because they feel safe and healthy as they head into the holiday season. All members have health examination results well and receive appropriate advice from specialized doctors.