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From HealthCheck service to SaleSystem operation

Health Check is an value added service offered by AT&A to potentiate customers. To assess the health status of a database, the Health Check package will actively provide the result parameters automatically along with an assessment like an exam-doctor diagnostic the database system.

Building a professional sales system (Sale System) for the B2B market is also the strategic direction of the Digital Transformation program for the period 2022-2025 at AT&A. At the stage of learning the management and operation services of database, Enterprises in need will enjoy HC services at the lowest cost as a gift from AT&A.

From the beginning of 2023 up to now, the majority of foreign customers have responded well to this service to continue to receive further advice from AT&A on improving the quality of system and database administration inside the enterprise. Sales systems and policies with continuous improvement to meet the most friendly and effective customer needs as the KEIZEN spirit has been a long – right path in AT&A..

(To learn more about AT&A’s HC service, refer to the article: Who is the author of HC 2.0)