AT&A History


The summer rains couldn’t make AT&Aers feel downhearted. The schedule is fixed, let’s meet up! We had a blast day with warm coffee and great organic drinks.

We met Mrs. Bui Thi Lan again. She is still as young and beautiful as before when she was working at AT&A. Ms. Lan is one of the employees who was in charge of many areas of work at the same time, which she successfully completed with her non-stop working capacity. As a Chief Accountant, she single-handedly ensured all reports related to numbers in a thorough and careful manner for many years, so that the Board of Directors of the company could feel secure to develop other business activities. As a member of the Sales Department, Ms. Lan was also the one who did all  the documents, from the tender paper to the price quotation to the customers. As a sister who managed the entire administration – office, prepared even the little things like delicious fruit baskets at every month-end meeting.

Mr. Tuan Linh – one of the outstanding DBAs in the project with Mobifone. Fixing bugs for customers’ systems is one of his most memorable moments. Linh is now a prominent face in the coffee industry. Revealing to you guys, on that day  we enjoyed and learned a lot of valuable knowledge about coffee beans.

Meeting again Mrs.Minh Huyen, the outstanding and beautiful girl of AT&A Sales Department, Huyen used to take on the role of AM for many important customers at that time such as VRB Bank, General Department of Taxation, Mobifone…. Dynamic, creative and enthusiastic, along with her youth, Huyen achieved impressive sales figures for AT&A at that time. Currently, the girl has a successful business career, but whenever she mentions AT&A, Huyen also passionately tells stories with a smile on her face.

(From left to right: Tuan Linh, Minh Huyen, Bui Lan, Na Na & Cao Bang)

There are many good memories that everyone recalled on that day. Those are Ms. Lan’s memories of coffee cups with Linh, Linh’s memories of fixing mistakes for customers and the story of the company’s outings through Huyen’s story. And every memory is so meaningful during the time working at AT&A of them.

We promise to meet again on a beautiful day this year, and will talk again about unfinished stories. AT&A would like to thank everyone, our teammates then, now and forever!