AT&A Company recruits Presale Position

  • Workplace: Level 8, Sannam Building, 78 Duy Tan, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Time: Monday - Friday, Saturday Morning
  • Quantity: 01
  • Department: Presale Position

1. Job description, authority, responsibilities, and benefits

1.1 Job description

– Communicate with customers to understand their needs and concerns about the safety, security, stability of their IT systems.

– Survey, find out the problems of customer’s system. And proactively make suggestions to solve the problem.

– Communicate & public relations the value of the services the AT&A has been providing to customers.

– Communicate and support our customers to understand technical proposals.

– Support sellers in reaching new customers: capturing customer needs, surveying customer systems, making technical proposals, making quotes, making drafting contracts.

– Support sellers in connecting, caring, and negotiating with customers.

– Join meetings with customers as a strategy consultant.

– Directly do the technical work within the scope of the fund “Quỹ chia sẻ”.

– Write articles or build videos to communicating the company’s value on official channels such as: website; youtube; linkined; Facebook;

1.2 Authority

– On behalf of the company or seller to meet and communicate with customers.

– Use company’s resources in supporting sellers or customers: • Be paid in assigned authority for customer care cost.

  • Be used of internal or extenal technical resources.
  • Be Accessed and used sales informations.

1.3 Responsibilities

– Bring value to customers.

– Communicate the value to customers.

– Support seller.

– Update information for managers.

– Keep business information confidential.

1.4 Benefits – Salary and bonus:

Total income for 01 year before tax from 24,000 USD (we will for 20 months- salary: 12 months salary and 8 month bonus.

– Benefit: according to the general regulations of our company.

2. Criteria to evaluate one candidate suitable for the position

2.1 Attitude

– Have positive thinking and have the spirit to overcome difficulties.

– Have a proactive and dedicated attitude to work.

– Have the desire to bring value, have a service attitude and always be for customers.

– Ready for business trips to Vietnam and Myanmar.

2.2 Skill

– Problem-solving skills.

– Skills to learn new technologies, find new partners.

– Good consulting skills.

– Good communication, especially English skills.

– Good skills in negotiating and persuading others.

2.3 Knowledge and experience

Have 3 years minimum as a consultant or architect in the IT field.

Have 02 years minimum experience in one of the following fields:

– Oracle

– PostgreSQL

– DevOps

– Information security

Priority is given to those who already have presale experience

Priority is given to those who already have experience working in Myanmar market