AT&A Company recruits Chief Financial Officer Position

  • Workplace: Level 8, Sannam Building, 78 Duy Tan, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Time: Monday - Friday, Saturday Morning
  • Quantity: 01
  • Department: Chief Financial Officer Position

1. Job description, authority, responsibilities, and benefits

1.1 Job description

  1. Searching potential investors for the company’s investment plans.
  2. Develop investment reports for new product lines.
  3. Provide effective financial investment plans.
  4. Make financial forecast.
  5. Organize and manage the finance and accounting department.
  6. Participate in the evaluation of investment projects in order to make investment decisions.

Chief accountant function:

  1. Making tax reports and tax declarations.
  2. Writing guidance documents for tax reporting
  3. Writing documents to guide tax declaration
  4. Make tax records
  5. Writing documentation to:

o Define and Entry cost/expenses data

o Define and Entry investment data

o Define and Entry advance data

o Define and Entry revenue data (contracts)

  1. Write documents guiding how to transfer business results (revenue, expenses) through the system of accounting accounts.
  2. Write documentation on how to make internal financial statements.
  3. Make recruitment, training and management requirements for the following positions: cashier, accountant.
  4. Hire external partners to do some of the work of the accounting department.
  5. Debt settlement.
  6. Cost allocation.
  7. Training staff.

1.2 Authority

  1. Allowing to refuse working in contravention of the law at the working scope that affects their own interests and the interests of the Company.
  2. Having the permission to recommend commendation, discipline, give and evaluate KPI for staffs in the team.
  3. Proposing the legitimate aspirations of employees of accounting department to the Company’s leaders.
  4. Giving solution for settle errors and unreasonableness in financial and accounting work in accordance with the prescribed regulation.
  5. Having the right to assign tasks to staffs under the management scope to perform the Company’s business and other social activities.
  6. Allowing to inspect and supervise all activities related to financial and accounting work in the Company.
  7. Sign or initial on behalf of the accounting department all accouniting doissier in the field of assignment.
  8. Having the permission to recruit, decide on salary and bonus of junior employees.
  9. Permission of the company representative to work with public organizations (tax, courts).
  10. Permission of the company representative to work investors and shareholders on the provision of financial data.

1.3 Responsibilities

  1. Managing financial investment efficiency to the company.
  2. Minimizing the company’s financial and payment risks.
  3. Optimizing operating costs of the Finance and Accounting department.
  4. Ensure the accuracy, update and confidentiality of financial accounting information.
  5. Ensuring the capital for internal investment projects.
  6. Ensure the optimization of taxes and related costs.
  7. Offer solutions to handle the company’s expenses without getting an invoice.
  8. Ensure that the company’s tax records best meet the tax requirements, without tax penalties.
  9. Ensure that the personnel under their authority fully grasp the information and skills to perform the job.
  10. Ensure a complete set of tax records

1.4 Benefits – Salary and bonus:

  1. Salary and bonus get agreed with the General Director: from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023, the salary is as follows:

– Fixed salary: Minimum from 20 million/month

– Total salary fluctuation for 12 months is: Minimum from 180 million/year

– Variable salary will be received at the beginning of next year

o If the actual score / 1000 >=80%, the KPI is assessed. Actual Total Salary Variation = Target Salary Variation * Actual Rate of Gain.

o If actual score/1000 <80%: Salary Variation = 0

  1. Welfare regime according to the company’s general regulations.
  2. ESOP mode according to the company’s general regulations.

2. Criteria to evaluate one candidate suitable for the position

2.1 Attitude

– Have a positive mindset; not afraid of difficulties and have the spirit to overcome difficulties.

– Have a proactive and dedicated attitude towards work.

2.2 Skill

– Good English skills.

– Good communication.

– Excellent negotiation and persuasion skills.

– Management skills.

2.3 Knowledge and experience

– Graduated with a major in Finance.

– Priority is given to cases studying abroad or foreign trade university.

– Preference will be given to those who have worked in multinational organizations.