AT&A History

AT&A’s “giant tree”

We were glad to reunite and talk with Mr.Khuyen eventhough his work was not over. He is indeed a “giant tree” of AT&A. His stories have brought us back to the footage of AT&A’s historical periods.

(Mr.Khuyen at AT&A’s office in 2003).

Since AT&A was established in 2003, Mr.Khuyen has accompanied many roles in many different positions. After 13 years of working, before “going backstage” and become  a teacher, Mr. Khuyen has brought many values ​​in all the positions that he held. The first role to mention is the internal IT position. He managed and built all the early AT&A machines and tools, and was also the first admin to manage & operate email ”” international standard from the very beginning.

He tells a lot of stories about the different stages of the company. Khuyen has tried many different positions such as technician, consultant, treasurer. Especially, when it comes to his values ​​and achievements, we can not forget the period when he took up the position of Sales & Business Development. The first customers he brought to the company were Honda Vietnam, Toyota Vietnam along with other high-value first contracts. AT&A’s services through those contracts began to make AT&A’s name in the market. Sticking with and taking care of Honda Vietnam, a close customer at that time was Mr. An – CIO of HVN. Mr. Khuyen is always impressed by their professional working style, always on time, never late for an appointment, never breaking a promise.

(Mrs.Na Na on behalf of AT&A gave gift to Mr. Khuyen)

Sharing about his most memorable memory during his years working at AT&A, Khuyen shared about the time when AT&A at Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh. At that time, AT&A  rented a 4-storey house, with members: Mr. Tuan Anh, Mr.Khang, Mr.Toan, Mr. Tuan Binh  Pham, Ms. Phuong… Everyone was very happy and united, the atmosphere was always full of laughter. At that time, the sisters also showed off their talent in cooking lunch for everyone, so each meal was filled with admiration because the food was so delicious and so wonderful.

Listening to the stories and memories of a “giant tree” of AT&A, we can’t help but be moved by previous generations of AT&Aers. The values ​​that they contributed and built are truly sustainable and a source of encouragement for the next generations. 20 years AT&A would like to thank Mr. Khuyen and former colleagues!