AT&A History

AT&A Golden Face

We met Mr. Nguyen Trung Hieu again and had a warm conversation with his family at his lovely home. Referring to AT&A, it is impossible not to  mention Mr. Hieu, with more than 10 years of working at AT&A, he has marked  great impressions and values.

Mr. Hieu started working at AT&A as a technician. At that time, AT&A had been providing services related to deploying and operating Oracle Database for customers. As a fresh graduate student, he had to handle jobs that were steadily increasing in difficulty compared to his ability at the time. However, with his intelligence and quickness with technology, Mr. Hieu scored absolute points with AT&A managers at that time.

(Mr. Nguyen Trung Hieu)

During the past 10 years, Mr. Hieu has developed  into a senior specialist, taking on many different roles, from being a specialist to the head of the DBA department, later to the Head of the SOC Division. All of AT&A’s sprawling projects, from banks to manufacturing companies and telecommunications agencies., … all had his contribution. Almost every difficult case had his participation to solve it properly, helping the customer’s system to operate stably again.

Not only a senior DBA expert, Mr. Hieu is also the author of a series of technical proposals, technical response statements for bidding packages, and especially, he is the official author – the developer of the Database Health-Check service and the Database Performance Tuning 1.5 Optimization service. These are services that brought  value to customers, brought the most valuable contracts to AT&A.

(CEO Mr. Lai Tuan Anh & Mrs. Na Na reunited with Mr. Trung Hieu at his lovely house)

He shared stories of his family and many memories of AT&A, The memorie of his early days on the team, memorie of processing tickets  all night, or memories of a time when he had to deal with bugs while being adrift on the open sea. Our CEO Mr.Lai Tuan Anh especially gave compliments and deep thanks to Mr. Hieu, for his valuable contributions to the development of AT&A. AT&A’s successes today, AT&A’s services bring trust to customers and resonate in the IT service market, is thanks to Mr. Hieu’s great contribution.

Mr. Hieu has always been a member of AT&A even though he has moved to another unit, but for us, Mr. Hieu is still a great brother, friend, and collaborator.

20 years –  AT&A would like to thank and appreciate Mr. Hieu! Wishing you and your family good health!