AT&A Story

“Appreciation of AT&A former employees” program.

AT&A will mark  its 20th anniversary on August 19, 2023. On this occasion, AT&A’s Board of Directors organizes the program “Appreciation of AT&A former employees” – those who devoted their youth, enthusiasm and values ​​to the development of AT&A in previous years.

Over the past 20 years since establishing the company and developing in the Vietnamese market, as well as expanding to the Asian market, overcoming many ups and downs, AT&A has gradually affirmed its brand in the field of service about IT. During that process, the success and value that AT&A has gained is the result of the contributions, efforts, and dedication of all AT&A employees generations. Together, we have overcome many challenges and seized opportunities as well as created a breakthrough to reach many successes.

On this occasion, AT&A would like to express our  gratitude and aprreciation to all former employees, AT&A appreciates the contributions and dedication of all of you. That spirit and value has become a time-honored tradition of AT&A, so that generations of AT&A-ers are ready to face many challenges and join hands to steer the AT&A boat even further.

Within the framework of the program, AT&A will organize visits and meetings with some former employees to talk about memories when you were still working at AT&A as well as we want to know about your development orientations. and the opportunity to cooperate in the future. Because of the large number of former employees, AT&A would like to make an appointment with those who have not been able to meet and visit on the 20th anniversary on the nearest date in the future.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy journey ahead!