System Monitoring

Here at AT&A, we offer many IT monitoring and maintenance services regardless of your device location. We are here and there to improve your business and minimize risks.

IT Monitoring and Maintenance Service Offerings

I. What is IT Monitoring?

A solution to ensure the availability and performance of your IT system, actively monitor all your IT infrastructure, giving a full picture of your IT system activities which help operators to identify and correct problems before they have an impact on your business.

II. Offerings:

Most of enterprises having critical IT system that using Monitoring service in order to detect possible risks, proactive resolve problems before it happening and ensuring the safety, continuation and availability.

Unfortunately, CIOs realize a few shortcomings:

  • The increased rate of false alarms
  • The operators find it bored to just monitor the alarms
  • The problems found have not been resolved in time
  • The cost of the Monitoring Software is too high compared with the expected performance & outcomes

We realize the reasons may be:

  • The monitoring tracking is divided by layers (network, server, storage, applications, database) that was used as a tool by the operators, which should have been effective for the Service Owner,
  • The software purchase can not meet the requirements of software operations, output data resolving.
  • Cannot find an operators that meet the job requirement
  • The systems has fewer monitoring criteria or non-focused
  • When the systems have a change or require an update of criteria , the monitoring may not be done in time and correctly

With an aim to resolve those problems to hand out a continued monitoring service, we prepare a service with difference remarks:

  • The customer send request of service requirement & quality assurance criteria
  • The customer will have no risk of implementation cost & purchase
  • The customer will have no worry for How to monitor the system
  • The customer will have a treasure of advantages, good knowledge from other customers who have the same monitoring systems.


  • AT&A, with the customers, confirm a list of monitored services, managers and service owner, IT staff
  • AT&A takes all the cost (hardware, software, operation)
  • AT&A provide full monitoring service to ensure: updated system changes, each and every alarm is correct, monitored problems is resolved timely.

III. Full System Monitoring Structure:
A 3 main components:

  • Poller
  • Database
  • Mobile, Report, Alert Viewing // SMS-Email Alert

IV. Monitoring Features
It has multiple features to meet any demand and can be customized to specific and typical requirements.

Monitored Components 

Monitoring Criteria                



Application (IIS, Active Directory, ERP…)
Database (Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase…)
Server (HP, IBM, Dell…)

(Network devices )